Employee stories

Interviews with Aluchemie employees.

Arie de Haan, Mechanic and chairman of the Works CouncilIn 1975 I started as mechanic at Aluchemie in the day shift. After 11 years I switched to repair service in five shifts. After several years I became repair service coördinator. During this period I was also active as a fireman and I even made it to commanding officer. My present job is very nice and versatile, because next to my day to day repair service job I coach and examine for internal Vapro-training. This combination gives me good overview of production and the general status of the company, which makes my job extra special. New applicants get enough opportunities to develop and make promotions internally. This must be an extra attraction for them I suppose!

Milco Roos, Past Plant Manager
My first day at Aluchemie was 1 January 2002 when I became operator in the Paste Plant. Aluchemie is a very social company with a lot of opportunities for development of employees, which is stimulated by the organization. Within 3 months my Supervisor arranges I can become switchboard controller in the control room, where the whole Paste Plant is controlled. I followed a lot of training and courses, of which the Green Belt course was the most memorable due to its intensity and usefulness in later jobs. Aluchemie gives me the opportunity to become Supervisor within a few year. In this new, leading role I get a lot of support and training, which makes me enjoy working together with the team I was supervising. We analyse and repair hick ups in the process with the help of other departments, really rewarding. In 2010 I get a promotion and become Manager of the Paste Plant, Molding Plant and butts crusher. A large step with new responsibilities. I learn new things every day and develop myself further at Aluchemie, which motivates, offers new challenges, is social and versatile, a real energizing company.