[Translate to English:] 22 november 2017 uitbedrijfname ovens- mogelijk rook zichtbaar

Aluchemie produces in the Botlek Rotterdam, anodes which are used for the production of aluminium at customers mainly in Europe and North America. These anodes are baked in the baking furnaces on the plant of Aluchemie. During this proces fumes are generated which are cleaned in the fume treatment plants, in which the newest technologies are used.   

November 22nd 2017 the baking furnaces will be taken out of operation during app. 12 hours because of a connection of a new gas pipeline. The stoppage of the baking furnaces is prepared carefully to make sure the effect to the surrounding is minimal. There is a possibility that there will be smoke visible above the furnaces. This smoke is in these amounts not harmful for the public health. DCMR is informed about this stoppage and the possibility on visible smoke.  

If you have any questions you can contact Aluchemie via 010-4727911 and choose for Management in the phone menu.