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Aluchemie is a dynamic company which improves continually her production processes and performance. Sharing information with the community is part of the Aluchemie Policy.

  • 08.09.16

    Change of Aluchemie email addresses

    We have recently decided to change the e-mail addresses of our organization to emphasize the autonomous character of Aluchemie.

    As off today (8th of September 2016) all current email addresses which end with will be changed in

    The ascription before the @-sign will not change.

    So current is the set-up of the new email addresses.


    Emails which are sent to the old RioTinto-addresses will be forwarded only for a limited time frame.



  • 15.07.16

    Failure resolved

    The compressed air failure is resolved. All installations are being started up in a controlled way.

  • 15.07.16

    Technical failure fume treatment plant

    Due to a compressed air failure the automatic safety systems were triggered. As a result fumes can temporary be visible from the fume treatment stacks. The authorities are informed, the current situation is under control. At the moment Aluchemie works hard to solve the failure.

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